How's it work?

We use our proprietary technology to analyze and detect questionable social media content, both incoming and outgoing, that may be harmful to your child. It then alerts you as the parent so you can take appropriate subsequent action. 


1. Start with The Conversation

With your child, sit down and discuss social media, the importance of having a healthy online presence and the Pharos product. We provide a guide and suggestions on how to navigate this discussion here:

2. Setup Your Pharos Account

With your child, link all of their social networks to the Pharos platform.


3. Pharos System Begins Analyzing Content

By using your child’s login credentials, the Pharos Content Collector is able to pull  all of your child’s social media posts and interactions, both old and new, directly into our platform for analysis.

4. Set up Your Alerts

Now that your child’s accounts are linked and you are familiar with the tool, set up your alerts so that you are notified when your child posts or receives content that you want to be aware of.


5. Your Data Is Safe

*We will never sell you or your child’s data to a third party. Any data collected is stored in our firewall protected database where we follow security standards for protection of information.

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