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“Lots of useful information for both kids and parents.”

Kimberly  Minnesota

The entire process helped us to have a tighter relationship when it comes to social media. They [my children] are more aware of what can arise because of cyberbullying and sending out malicious content. This entire new relationship started because of our discussion we had regarding signing up for Pharos.”

Taylor  Vermont

“I like that it feels so much less invasive.”

Catrina  Utah

“I believe it provides parents and even kids, the tools needed to, as safely as possible, navigate and deal with social media issues and concerns. Gives parents who aren’t very tech savvy a way of monitoring their children’s activities online for safety.”

Rita Mississippi

“My child liked the services and it provided something new.” 

Kathy North Carolina

It is very user friendly and I like how you offer suggestions on how to approach the topic with your children. I found the conversation link very helpful ( I’m a former elementary school teacher so I really feel that information is power. All the info you provided will help support parents/care givers to make sure their children are safe online and/or practicing safe/appropriate online behavior. This is a valuable tool to have if you have children/teens on social media sites.

Kim  Massachusetts 

We're , too.

Just like you, we know the threats of social media

Who We Are

We’re moms and dads who can’t just sit back and watch as cyberbullying takes over the internet, encounters with predators continue to risk our kids’ lives, and the choices our children make online threaten to damage their reputations for years to come.

Why Pharos

The online world is too much for your child to handle alone, but internet safety is confusing and overwhelming for you, too. We created Pharos to remove all the questions, hassle, and broken trust. We’ll provide a framework to help you and your child create a healthy online presence that won’t come back to haunt them down the road.

Simply Safe

Protecting your kids should never be complicated

Social Score

An easy to understand algorithmic score shows the health of your child’s connected social media accounts. It’s like a credit score, but for social media safety.

Post Activity

If your child sends or receives a questionable post, we’ll flag it for your review. Easily filter through messages, and then take action with your child as necessary.

Top Posts

College admission offices routinely check applicant’s social media profiles. Quickly identify your child’s most positive social media posts to ensure a healthy online presence.


Receive simple alerts based on social content you want to know about. Whether your child comes into contact with cyberbullying, harassment, or sexting, it won’t be left unseen.

Breathe Easy

Social media safety doesn’t have to be a chore

Pharos helps you:

Remove the pressure

of controlling your kids’ social media activity. It’s a big, powerful world, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming.


Follow a simple strategy

for keeping track of social media behavior. Don’t let confusing programs turn safety into work. 


Learn more

about your kids without going behind their backs. Connect on another level. 


Your child benefits, too:


Most kids want

to know how to handle their own internet safety, but they’re too afraid to ask. Let them in. Let them learn.


Nearly 8 out of 10 kids

experience cyberbullying. Help them enjoy a social life instead of fearing it.


Navigating social media

is a joint effort. Let your kids learn the ins and outs without putting themselves at risk. You’ll both feel safer together.

Smooth Sailing

No sifting, scrolling, or searching required


Activity Feed

Staying connected is simple
Easily view questionable content posted by or to your child. Filter flagged posts by date, category, or risk level. Quickly analyze flagged trends. Review behavior over time.


Content Scoring

Clear navigation
Review your child’s social media health and safety in one convenient place. Understand your child’s online risk with a single glance. Stay in touch with your child’s social media activity across 8 risk categories


Real-Time Notifications

So it’s never too late”
Read real time updates on your child’s social media accounts. Receive SMS and email notifications of questionable content. Easily manage content alert recipients at any time


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The purpose of this blog is to shed light on topics around social media, cyberbullying and how best to work with your family in building a healthy online presence.

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